Document Management

Document Management

Document Management

Companies around the world spend considerable monetary and also human resources in working high volumes of papers. Most of them purchase or outsource document scanning and archival. In spite of this, with the concentrate merely on paper image capture and archival, they even now really do not address the problem of siloed info, inefficient company procedures and also shortage of real-time convenience. Much more over, the considerable human energy involved with entering the information from image to electric databases is vulnerable to human errors, lower productivity and also important period lag from the time the info is very first caught to the time it could be actually utilized. This tremendously limits their capability to transfer the captured enterprise information into actionable facts.

India Data Outsourcing Services locations organizations’ paper processing problems through an original mixtures of next-generation systems powered by synthetic intelligence & fuzzy reasoning. India Data Outsourcing Services options go over mere capture and also archival, into the arena of intelligent understanding, assisting customers automate their end-to-end paper lifecycle, maximize business procedures, and smartly validate and also route company info to the right people at the best time in the appropriate format. Wise features similar to auto-masking of critical info and also encoded break-down and then regrouping of info help make sure high levels of safety of the info becoming processed. With the capability to process each, organized and also unstructured papers covering handwritten, typewritten, bar-coded and also check-marked info, India Data Outsourcing Services provide you with unmatched flexibility to the client’s different organizational document processing needs.

India Data Outsourcing Services offers a fit of wise document processing items, solutions and methods to fulfill different organizational needs across sectors

India Data Outsourcing Services’ suite of Smart Document Processing options leverages next-generation technology like Programmatic Enterprise Logic after the standard image catch and optical actor popularity, to intuitively recognize, digitize, verify, archive, examine, mass customize and also display documents in almost any type or structure. Clients take advantage of dramatic efficiency gains, high accuracy and reliability, advanced cost effective and real-time presence across the document life cycle.


Our customers have leveraged our Smart Document Processing methods to attain:

  • Up to 60% decrease in operating expenses
  • Up to 80% reducing of method turn around occasions
  • Over 99 .5% accuracy and reliability in prepared documents
  • Real-time presence and control over business written documents
  • Seamless integration of validations and also business guidelines
  • Scalability to satisfy business quantities without additional budget expense
Steps for Document Management Outsourcing Services:
  • Document Pre-Processing - removing staples, tags and arranging in sequence
  • Document Scanning - as per the guidelines received from client
  • File Format - saving output files in desirable format i.e., tiff, jpg, pdf
  • Indexing Document - keying of required fields into database format
  • Quality Check - verifying data accuracy in terms of both quality/quantity
  • Delivery - burning documents onto a CD / DVD or uploading on online portal
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